Plain Based Gas Checks



Note:  For those of you who are using Pat Marlins “Plain Base Bullet” gas check makers:  Due to the design of the tool, the strip must feed through a slot.  Pat’s tools may be purchased at

Here is an updated note, including a link at CB, showing very detailed pictures on the effects of metal thickness an the making of PB checks:

.010″ is maximum for PB dies, and may be to thick depending on your alloy hardness, bullet diameter, and sizer.

For plain base, any thin metals about .004″ – .006″ should be stiff, at least as stiff as soda cans.  Half hard may be enough.

Anything .008″ – .010″ – Half hard may be to hard for many bullets.  It may tear depending on alloy hardness.

Here is a thread with pictures on using PB dies and the effects of different metals:

Using the Checkmaker� 45PB Pistol Caliber Dies

That’s why a “try before you buy” is suggested for any large purchases. There are just to many variables to be sure with cast bullets.

Recommended strip widths are below as advised by Pat Marlin

Coil Width Bullet Calibre
.500″ 270cal, 7mm, 7mmPB, 30, 32/8mm
.530″ 30PB, 32PB, 338, 338PB, 35
.545″ 35PB, 9.3mm, 375
.600″ 375PB, 40, 41
.640′ 40/10mmPB, 41PB, 44, 45
.665″ 44PB, 45PB-Pistol, 45PB-Rifle
.695″ 50, 50PB-pistol, 50PB-Rifle


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